SEO Hosting – Why?

Hosting Internet pages is easy enough to understand on an elementary level: If you need space for your website, you have to find a server to host your content. SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) hosting gives a little twist to this straightforward story.

Why SEO Hosting?

googleSearch engines like Google generally value backlinks from different addresses, that is IP addresses. This means if the content is fed to the search engine from different IP addresses, it will be ranked higher within the search engine’s results. This is important for any size of business since the links that are presented first to the customer generally have more success in selling their products and services. To reach higher rankings, it would be possible to order a large amount of different webspace packages from one hosting provider. But even with these different packages, it would in all likelihood lead back to one server, which would produce the same IP address, thus canceling out the desired effect of spreading out the virtual location.

Theoretically, you could also order one package from each provider, thus turning the maintenance of your website into a big hassle as it would lead to dozens of different administrative rules, tools, layout types, et cetera that you would need to adjust to. While SEO hosting usually concerns professionals, it is even a valid optimization strategy for the more personal content on the Internet and thus is relevant to everyone.

Benefits of SEO Hosting

This is where SEO hosting providers come in and try to increase your site’s ranking in the search engine not through a keyword analysis or something similar, but by providing different servers with different IP addresses to its clients. If this is done well by the SEO hosting service, it means that the search engines do not automatically detect the owner of the content since the web projects are split among many servers and do not all belong to the same Class-C network. Links between projects that originate from different servers and IP-addresses are valued more highly by the search engines.

Firms like or provide a single product that can be tailored to your needs as an agency or an individual. Depending on how many domains and IP-addresses you need, you can choose the package that fits you best and saves you money.

SEO hosting providers are easy to access: You need one login to control all your content. Managing and maintaining your website becomes much easier. In contrast to the “many servers = many IP address” solution above, there is no need to deal with different softwares and tools from a large number of providers. Instead you have one source and one support team that you can contact if need be, hence making your administration a lot more convenient.

Most SEO providers also offer you a choice between shared and dedicated IP hosting. As the term suggests, on shared IPs, clients share IP space with other clients, which is the less costly but also a less effective method to increase your rankings, while dedicated IP spaces belong only to one client. This is extremely important seeing as search engines value exclusive IP addresses as more relevant.

Aside from these benefits, SEO hosting services usually provide daily backups and security scanning for your content. Moreover, the client should be aware of accessibility and speed rates for the server, that is a fast response time will also lead to a higher ranking on Google.

When choosing your SEO hosting service, it is important to look for the details. For example, some providers use IP blocks or single data centers that are located in the same physical spot, thus defeating the purpose of spreading out the IP addresses.