About Internet Protocol Addresses

IP Addresses for SEO Hosting

Internet Protocol address also known as IP address, is a unique code that is assigned to every computer that is connected to the internet. Every time a computer is connected to the internet, an IP address is automatically assigned to it as a code that differs from one machine to another. This plays a very important role in helping to locate the spot from where the information is posted from.

ip-addressAnother notable aspect of the IP address is that it is assigned to a computer and not any individual who owns the computer. Personal information such as identification details is not included in the IP address, as it is only an identifying number that is assigned to all computers in the world. Essentially, the aim of an IP address is to help locate a computer that is connected to a network. If any person is interested in tracking something online, the strategy of making of the IP address is very effective, since it reveals to the interested concerned parties the actual place where the user of the machine can be found.

Also, it is easier to discover another person’s IP address online. This is a numerical code and the numerals together identify the exact location where a specific computer that has been used to post some information is located. This is done by geolocation services that can actually help people to track someone or their actual position where they live or operate from. IP addresses differ from place to place and some are meant for home use and some for official purposes. They also help to identify the actual provider of the service.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be used to hide your actual IP address. It is quite possible to show another IP address apart from the one that you actively use. A new address of this particular nature can be manually created and some of these VPNs are absolutely free, while there are those who charge a nominal monthly fee. Another important aspect of an IP address is that it also helps to identify the internet service provider that offers internet connectivity to the owner of the computer. Some internet service providers offer wireless connectivity while some others make use of local area networks to be connected. The IP address of each machine shows the actual service provider and the location where computer is.

Benefits of Using Different IP Addresses

There are various benefits that can be obtained from using different IP addresses. A different IP address from the regular one is that it helps to keep away people who may be interested in stalking or tracking other people’s machines with the aim of stealing their personal information. In cases involving websites that handle large volumes of traffic, an IP address is important in that it can lead you to actual spot where the site is hosted, and also to know the real place where a website is hosted so as to be able to prove its authenticity. People interested in knowing the actual location of a company they are dealing with can simply check their IP addresses to know if they are dealing with real people.

A different IP address also has the advantage of tracking various activities that may take place on different website domains. There are some people who want to commit different forms of crimes online in the hope that their location will not be found out. However, given such a scenario, it can be seen that an IP address can be used to track such unscrupulous individuals. The other benefit of using a different IP address is that private information cannot be obtained by anyone as no one is able to access the website.